tubatect won the 1st prize

Already at the eighth edition, "Gala Premiilor Pentru Un Mediu Curat" (Clean Environment Awards) is an annual competition organized by ECOTIC and initiatives dedicated to environmental protection and resource conservation planet. 98 projects were submitted in this year's edition, most of the history of the contest.

Organized since 2009, the contest aims to bring to public initiatives as diverse eco-social responsibility in Romania. A record number of projects were submitted this year on www.premiilepentrumediucurat.ro, 98 projects coming from around the country for all four categories of competition: companies, educational institutions, public institutions and NGOs.

The contest was open to projects dedicated to environmental protection, resource conservation and prevention waste, held since October 2015.

We are very proud for the prize that we have won, Grand Prize for Enterprises. It was unexpected, but in the same time it is a great success for us and this means that we have to continue our journey in this eco environment. This prize is very heavy and it shows us that our work is appreciated in the whole country. We promise to keep the standards high and we will bring new and interesting eco ideas into our niche market.

Above you will find a gallery with some photos from the event.

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